Stop annoying sales calls and protect your privacy.

We make companies who sell your personal data delete all the data they have about you.


Take ownership of your data

We make companies who sell your personal information delete your data. Example companies: Cognism, ClearBit, etc. Example data fields they store (total nearly 100): Name, Email, Education, Location, Biography, Homepage, Avatar, Job title, Seniority, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, phone numbers, reply sentiment.

Stop spam calls and emails

We stop spam calls and emails from sales teams and recruiters by cutting of the way they get your contact details. Receiving less spam emails and phone calls mean less wasted time and stress.

Clear your tracks

Stop data traders sell your data and start to clear your data tracks.

How does it work?

We contact data collection and trading companies on your behalf with a mix of manual and automatic processes and make them delete your data. This service is based on the data legislation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in European Union and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) both in force since 2018. In case the companies resist we escalate the deletion requests up to the national Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We request to delete data from the top sales data providers: Cognism, Voila Norbert, LeadIQ, Lusha, Uplead, RocketReach, ZoomInfo, ClearBit, DiscoverOrg,, aeroleads, RightHello,,, Dun and Bradstreet, Anymail Finder, Find That Lead, Skrapp.Io.

Where does Go Sauber come from?

We are an international team of startup employees who were fed up with getting spammed by (SaaS!) sales people and left their jobs to start Go Sauber. Most software engineers have experienced the nuisance of being bombarded by spam emails. As you can guess the name is a mix of English and German which is a play on the places where the underlying regulation comes from.


One time

We get data trading companies to delete your data once for 29 US$.


As a yearly recurring subscription of 120 US$, we get data trading companies to delete your data every month. This stops them to recreate and sell your data again.


Get in touch with for volume licensing.

Who is this for?

Everyone who get spam calls and emails

If you have enough for getting unsolicited phone calls and emails. We'll help you cutting out the noise.

Public figures and celebrities

If you're a public figure and want to remain private. We make sure it's harder for you to be found and contacted.

Privacy conscious indivduals

If you care about your privacy, we help you staying private.

Clear my data!

About Us

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